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Hot Air Affair - Looking for Smooshboard teams!

Emcee John Knutson dressed as "the Hulk" from the 2014 Silver Screen Themed Hot Air Affair Smooshboard competition, standing beside the best dressed costume winning team who all came dressed as the "Titanic" from the epic motion picture. Photo courtesy of John Knutson

The World Championship Smooshboard Competition will once again be held during the Hudson Hot Air Affair at 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 27 on the grounds at EP Rock Elementary School, and they are looking for teams brave enough to compete!

Preceding the NFL Super Bowl on Feb. 4 will be the Hot Air Affair with the theme of "Touchdown Hudson XXIX." Smooshboard competitors and teams are encouraged to register for the event, then adopt the football theme and dress up for the competition.

To enter, it just takes four brave individuals, with or without athletic ability, who can pay a team entry fee of $10 for the double elimination competition. With perennial emcee for the event, John Knutson, who is like a carnival barker or one of the Renaissance insulters, you must have a thick skin and endure a little humiliation because of how hilarious the event is!

According to Knutson, "I mean c'mon, four people strapped to a set of two boards, all trying to maneuver around some street cones as obstacles while racing against another team of equally inept athletes ... what could possibly go wrong?"

The crowds are usually treated to some funny antics from Knutson and the teams themselves, which can be very competitive as they compete for prizes "worth well under $10!" as Knutson would say.

Two sets of prizes are given out at the conclusion of the event. ach of the four race champions will get a gift bag, and the four crowd-approved costume champions will get the same gift bag of treats for being the best dressed for the event.

To register your team for the event, contact Knutson at Catalyst Sports Medicine: or call/text 651-210-7858.

For more information on the Hot Air Affair events and activities, check out the website at