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Beatles performed 45 years ago today in Milwaukee

It was 45 years ago today when the Beatles performed in Milwaukee.

About 12,000 screaming young people and their parents jammed what's now called the U.S. Cellular Arena.

And according to old news clippings, the Beatles played for about 30 minutes. The top ticket price at the 1964 show was $5.50, which won't even buy you a beer at many entertainment events today.

Paul McCartney told reporters that Milwaukee Police were "naughty," because they made the band go through a secret exit when they arrived at the airport instead of walking through their legions of fans like they normally did.

They were asked if they knew anything about Wisconsin's largest city.

Ringo Starr said he knew about "the beer that made Milwaukee famous."

That was the marketing slogan at the time for the old Schlitz beer.

Meanwhile, Beatles' fans have a lot to look forward to. A Beatles' video game is due out next Wednesday.

And a re-mastered set of 13 Beatles' albums is coming out later this month.