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Wisconsin roundup: Wis. weather records tumble in heat wave; more state news stories

Temperatures spiked in Wisconsin and Minnesota, bridged here by the Interstate 94 crossing at Hudson along the St. Croix River. File photo

The mercury set records over Memorial Day weekend in parts of Wisconsin.

Red Wing Regional Airport, located in Pierce County’s Bay City, reached 99 degrees on Sunday, while New Richmond saw temps rise to 96 the same day — both record heat for May 28.

More records were set when temperatures hit 100 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and 102 in Carver, Minn.

Both Madison and Milwaukee set record-high temperatures of 95 degrees on Sunday. That broke the previous high of 94 on May 27 in Madison from 2012. Milwaukee's previous record high of 94 degrees May 27 had stood since 1911, and Sunday was the hottest day ever in the month of May. The heat wave could produce more record-high temps for Memorial Day.


Wis. among 3 states using drones for law enforcement the most

Researchers at Bard College in New York report Wisconsin is among three states where law enforcement agencies use drones the most.

Many United States police and fire departments say they are finding many ways to use drones while doing their work. The Center for the Study of the Drone says the number of law enforcement agencies using the remote-controlled aircraft has doubled in less than a year-and-a-half. Texas and California are the other states where drone use is growing the fastest.


USDA: Wis. milk production slows

Wisconsin dairy farmers' streak of year-after-year production increases has been snapped.

The U-S Department of Agriculture (USDA) says Wisconsin farmers produced about 2.5 billion pounds of milk last month, down 0.6 percent from 2017. Bob Cropp, professor emeritus at UW-Madison tells Wisconsin Public Radio that the slowdown in production is good for milk prices.

Prices have been low for three straight years because of an abundance of milk on the market. Cropp says some experts believe milk prices may reach $17 per 100 pounds by November. The USDA report says there were five-thousand fewer cows in the state compared to last year.


Thieves hit veterans’ graves in Wis.

Baraboo police are trying to find out who stole flowers from the graves of veterans over the holiday weekend.

Police received up to 30 reports from Walnut Hill and St. Joseph's cemeteries, which are located next to each other. Superintendent Rick Stieve says it has happened multiple times in his 26 years on the job, but it still makes him mad when it happens over the Memorial Day holiday period. Police say they don't know if there is more than one suspect and they would like to ask why the flowers are being taken.


Woman: Teens put rifle to her head, take her lunchbox

A Milwaukee woman tells police she had just gotten off a county bus and was walking home when two teenagers stole her lunchbox.

Linda Zerbel says one of them pointed a rifle at her head and told her to "drop it," so she did. Zerbel says there was nothing of value in the box and she told the attackers it was all she had, but they took it anyway. Milwaukee police confirm they are investigating the theft which happened Saturday afternoon. Zerbel wasn't injured during the incident.


Supreme Court decision on Dassey case review could come soon

Attorneys for Brendan Dassey say the U.S. Supreme Court could decide whether to review the Wisconsin man's appeal in less than a month.

The state of Wisconsin is asking the high court not to grant the request for a hearing. Dassey was 16 when Teresa Halbach was killed. His attorneys argue his confession was coerced by police investigators who used improper techniques while questioning a juvenile with a low IQ. A federal judge overturned Dassey's conviction, but a federal appeals court reversed the judge. Dassey's attorneys want the Supreme Court to review the appeals court decision.


Wis. Supreme Court suspends former state prosecutor

The State Supreme Court has suspended the law license of a former Wisconsin assistant attorney general for a year for allegedly mismanaging client trust funds at his law firm in Madison.

Michael R. Bauer is a partner at Bauer and Bach in Madison. The Supreme Court says Bauer broke state rules by shifting $376,000 between client trust accounts, his own trust account and the account of his side business, Sports Advisors Incorporated, all without informing his clients. Sports Advisors Incorporated represents professional athletes. Bauer blamed some of the problems on his time spent in Washington, D.C., in 2014-15, causing him to neglect trust and business accounts for the firm. Bauer's attorney says no clients lost money as a result of his client's actions.


Racine cop resigns after prostitution accusation

An 18-year veteran of the Racine Police Department has resigned after reaching a plea agreement on a prostitution charge.

Investigator Todd Morschhauser denied the accusation and entered a guilty plea to a charge of disorderly conduct. Morschhauser and the woman both said they had sex at his Milwaukee apartment. He reported the theft of a gun after she left. The woman denied taking his gun but admitted to prostitution. She says he paid her $100 to have sex with him, though he had promised $300. Morschhauser says he only gave the woman the money so she would leave his apartment.