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Wisconsin roundup: Minn. company kills plans for major hog farm in Chippewa County; more state news stories

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Minnesota-based Four Mile Farms has notified Chippewa County officials it is no longer planning to locate a major hog farm near Cornell.

Several people living in the area had spoken out against the plans announced in April. The breeding sow farm in the northern part of the county would have included an estimated 6,500 pigs. Opponents were worried about odor, possible water contamination and the effect on the public health. The company didn't give a reason for its decision to end its project.


Burglar dies after breaking into Waukesha County home

The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department reports a 33-year-old burglar died in a struggle after forcing his way inside a home in the village of Wales.

Investigators think the crime was drug-related. The intruder was confronted by the 76-year-old homeowner and they began fighting while deputies were responding to the 911 call. The homeowner had reported someone was physically forcing his way in. No names have been released. Investigators say the suspect — who lived in the same community — became unresponsive and was pronounced dead at a hospital.


Principal bound over for trial on abuse charge

A Crawford County Circuit Court judge has bound a principal over for trial on charges he caused injuries to a 14-year-old student.

The hearing for Bluff View Intermediate School Principal Aaron Amundson was held Thursday afternoon with a large gallery observing. He is charged with abuse-recklessly causing harm. Amundson applied a chemical used to remove gum to a student's hand, then scrubbed it in an effort to remove a profanity last March. The chemical burned the boy's skin. The educator’s arraignment is been scheduled for June 12.


More trouble for man whose license has been suspended 21 times

A 27-year-old Holmen man is accused of running a stop sign and hitting a woman in a crosswalk in La Crosse May 15.

Adam Larsen-Selbo's driver's license has been suspended 21 times in the past. He tells police he stopped at the stop sign, then went forward at 5 to 10 mph. Police say skid marks and surveillance video suggest he was going 25 mph when he hit the woman, knocking her about 25 feet. She suffered leg injuries and an abrasion. Larson-Selbo's long history of driving convictions and a felony bail-jumping warrant are why he is in the La Crosse County Jail.


Trial set for Oneida County man in terroristic threats case

An Oneida County judge has bound a man over for trial on charges he made terroristic threats.

Witnesses say hospice workers treating Kenneth Welsh's wife knew about his history, so they took his threats seriously. He had fired a gun at his wife in 2016, threatening to blow up their house and then holding authorities at bay in a three-hour standoff. One hospice worker says Welsh threatened to "wreak havoc" on everyone if an appeal to continue his wife's care didn't go her way. The hospital went on lockdown. His attorney says the hospital workers over-reacted, arguing if they were afraid, they wouldn't have waited so long to call the police.


Drug suspect injures 3 cops during arrest

Three Columbia County deputies suffered minor injuries while taking a drug suspect into custody this week.

Deputies were in Wisconsin Dells investigating an ongoing meth operation when they arrested 34-year-old Loyal D. Stowers. When deputies showed up, Stowers took off running, fighting with deputies when they caught him. He was reportedly in possession of about $3,500 worth of drugs, three cell phones and around $9,000 in cash. Stowers faces more than 70 charges.


Body of missing Grant County woman found in her car

A farmer in southwestern Wisconsin has found the body of a missing Grant County woman.

Fifty-eight-year-old Patricia Hartline was seen for the last time May 2 when she left her home in Fennimore. The family reported her missing, saying she had left behind her phone, prescription medications, and her purse. The farmer found her dead body in her car in a rural area just after noon Wednesday. When she first went missing, authorities started to issue a Silver Alert, but those are only for people over 60 years old.


Harley-Davidson warns trade war could drive prices higher

Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson is warning a battle over tariffs could drive the prices of its motorcycles higher.

The Trump administration announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Europe, Canada, and Mexico Thursday. Canada and Mexico quickly imposed their own tariffs, with similar actions expected from the European Union. Harley-Davidson officials say a retaliatory tariff on its motorcycles in any of those major marketplaces would have a "significant impact" on its sales.


14th OWI could send Wis. man to prison

When Waupaca County deputies responded to an accident report last week, the SUV driver told them his brakes had failed.

Deputies say Daniel Nordell had slurred speech and they could smell intoxicants on his breath. The May 24th incident in the Township of Farmington has resulted in the 14th charge of operating while intoxicated against Nordell. A preliminary breath test showed he had a blood alcohol content of more than double the legal limit. If he is convicted on the charge, Nordell could receive a 15-year prison sentence.


Thorp student says spelling bee was great opportunity

A Thorp student says the Scripps National Spelling Bee was a great opportunity.

Eighth-grader Ryan Raether made it to Round 3 Wednesday but didn't advance to the final 50. The competition started Tuesday with more than 500 participants, but no Wisconsin students made the final round, which was held Thursday.