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Kids put pennies together to fight cancer

Hudson Prairie recently donated to Pennies for Patients. Shown from left are: (front) Kearney Stakes, Rich Harker, Deandra Cook, Ella Larsen, Emily Weiss, Molly Peterson, Kathryn Schultz; (middle) Victoria Tank, Annabelle Johnson, Josh Spors, Brenna Nee, Mark Susa, Parker Reckin, Nikolai Baldwin, Sydney Vue, Peyton Moua; (back) Libby Bartz, Abi Underwood, Principal Joe Behnke, fourth grade teacher Nicholas DeMoulin, and phy ed teacher William Schaub. Photo courtesy of Hudson School District.

Students at Hudson Prairie recently participated in their annual Pennies for Patients campaign, raising money for children with leukemia and lymphoma.

As an incentive to reach their goal, teachers and staff volunteered to have their hair shaved off as various amounts were raised.

Teachers William Schaub, Nicholas DeMoulin, and Hudson Prairie Principal Joe Behnke shaved off beards and hair as students not only met their goal, but exceeded it.

The students and staff at Hudson Prairie raised over $2638.81 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.